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Thank you



Thank you is such an easy line to say,
Yet often spoken in so much delay;
Thank you isn’t even enough for your goodness to repay,
But let me say it for you to know how grateful I can be.

I thank you for the kindness your heart has to show,
In which many people can benefit from its flow;
I thank you for the ears you allowed me to borrow,
Both are ready to hear stories of sadness and sorrow.

I thank you for being there for me in times of low,
Even if your life has its own blow;
From chaotic situations you give me a tow,
Most especially from a senseless row.

I thank you for everything you do,
May you keep it up with no reservations to;
You truly are an exceptional friends to adore too,
That even until now you left me in so much awe.

I thank you even more…….

I tried so hard to find the words of gratitude to show
It seems so trivial to say my cup does overflow
So thank you for the help you give
The support you show each day
The love, the care, the thoughts the prayer
In fact every single way.

From a friend that cares.

From a friend that shares.

And most from a friend that love, to my best friend Whel’s you’re mostly welcome.

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