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Just a tot of returning’

And yes I have missed so much time to start to blog again. Though I am not sure if I can still cope up to write something in here. Since it felt very hard for me to manage between my busy schedule at work and travel around. Yet still, I always wanted to write down my experience and document everything what I am doing. It is just hard to maintain. It inspire me so much to read some other blogger that compost a very well, diverse and detail story of their life, or to someone who just saying he’s tots. I guess the only thing that drive me as of now is the multiple travel plan that I have this year. And for my own little world- this is my only way, to treasure this moment through writing it up, and share it here. This maybe my personal diary or just a random tots that I want to share.

2013… a year to travel and save.

From March in Sydney and Melbourne, April in Shanghai, Doha, London and Manchester. It makes me a crazy busy person. Not to mention the sideline of extra co- activities like photo walk from my photoG groups and off course badminton. It has been very hard for me to push into these blog to keep rolling. Well I just hope this ain’t be my last post for the year.

By the way- I am just more inspire to the fact that there are some people who still appreciate my post here. Lol. It’s just a wonderful feeling. And of course this is the year that I will start saving for my future. As my motto of travel –“travel cheap” and this will be my fuel to write something in here for someone who plan to travel by not spending too much on it.

And so I rest my introductory explanation and will follow up to share my next topic in traveling the great country of Australia 😊

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