Eat Play Work

What do you do at your work place?

Eat- I cannot start my day if I cannot eat anything. I mean anything that can be stored into my belly. Starting from a cup of coffee, to a cut of Cruzan, and to a heavy meal of carbs (rice). Normally the same as I was in my elementary days. I am bringing a lunch bag with me. At first I was thinking that working in a corporate world with a group of elite colleagues makes me feel ashamed if I bring an entire set of cutleries and meals with me on my work desk. So I started to eat in the cafeteria, coffee in the starbucks and have my lunch on burger king. However as times goes by I feel like I had enough of their food, which I cannot even endure to continue this habitual way of eating. And apart from a repeated meal cycle it is very expensive to satisfy my appetite on this way of eating, as the prices of meals in the airport are 4 times fold to a normal value in the malls or market. So for 4 years working in an aviation I don’t mind of having my own prepared meals with me. No matter whoever is in front of me? I eat, eat and eat.

What do you play?

Badminton- if we are referring to a serious kind of play. Yet at workplace I play a lot. Of course if there is no work load at my desk (free time). I manage to finish the bricks, spider solitaire, parking, hang man, and the forever living popular plants vs. zombie. That’s how boring my work sometimes. That even the most boring games I played for the sake of killing my work time. Lucky for me, I can now browse the internet from my work pc. And outside work I play hard on badminton. This was introduced to me since I was in high school. However just in 2009, when I became more serious about this sport. From then on, I never missed any single tournament from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Whether from work place or off days, I play. Play and play until I drop. I just cannot imagine myself doing nothing. I’ll be crazy about that.

What is your work?

Aviation- yes it is quite broad when I used that term. But this is really is my job. I work in an Airline now (Etihad Airways) for 4 years. It’s the most challenging job for me. It’s full of fun, excitement and ground breaking scenarios. Working in the airport is a shift pattern. We work at night as we work in the morning. And this became the reason why my body clock is not normal. Talking to a different national’s, different raise and mostly, talking to someone who cannot talk at all (English mute) as we say. “Flight comes, flight goes” as we always put on our mind. At work I eat, I play and of course I work. Until when? That, I cannot figure it out.
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