Life 360 degrees

A random post of what’s happening in my life now. From a day to day activities to a wild life discoveries of my journey to the world.



It’s been a very rough feelings that occur to me on this past few weeks. From family to my friends. Everyday is a challenge.  Although most of the time I just wanted to give up, however it let me no choice but to face all of these. at times I  ask myself, why life isn’t fair? although hypothetically I already know the answers.

 Today I am just lazy. Lying in my bed all day until my clock alarm, pushing me to get up and take a shower for work. I made a clutter on everything I do. The feeling of lethargic.

As for my previous post about my best friend Whela, as of now she is stable.  That is what I can say. As it is pretty much sensitive about her status right now. I am at  my work place right at the moment, and busy. I just don’t feel like doing anything today. As in nothing at all.



I wasn’t being able to attend last night badminton. Becoming very tired at work, which I prefer to have a rest instead. But out of everything I am more worried about the health status of my best friend Whela. Yesterday she informed me that she might have a surgery at any moment but still waiting for her lab results. And today as I came to work its buzzes me so much to know that she is absent for work for 4 days. So this means of something bad happen. She must have been undergone with her surgery or about to undergo. I don’t know yet. I’m still trying to reach her mobile. Hoping that she will be fine. I’ll be visiting her today right after my duty. isnhala’ everything is ok. 



I just woke up in the middle of midnight. Looking for something to eat and wala’ i found a peace of banana, that’s it!!! I’m trying it out, to post something on my 360 degrees page. Today after work I will be playing badminton again on Al Raha beach garden. Hoping that this will be a full of fun just like before. I’m new to this place so I’m kinda excited to see what kind of badminton court they have. I just believe that al raha gardens is nice to have a peace of mind vacation. So looking forward to be there tonight. will post my experience again later. ciao.

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