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Sydney it is!

April 6, 2013 2 comments

Sydney it is!

Sydney Opera House


Ok ok. We talk about Australia, preferably Sydney. What comes into your mind? or maybe after? Hmmm, so do I. lol-I didn’t even know if you really—is there J. Funny thing. It’s like I am just talking to myself here. Haha. Anyhow, when I was a child- seeing Michael Jackson singing at the top of The Liberty in New York. Celine Dion having a concert in Paris. While Sydney is in the cream of the top destination of celebrities for the X-stream sport in AXN channel. I always dreamt of visiting this place. It was back then “just a dream.” the famous Opera House and the documentary of National Geo channel about The Bondi beach. It was indeed a well renowned city in my knowledge.  The land down other. Australia is a piece of land that has their own world. Its geographic history up on to my knowledge is they are a combination of Europe and GCC countries and way larger than USA. Well, just do the math. Bottom line- it is such a big country. Which means that they also have a bigger thing to offer. As everyone knows about Australia, specifically Sydney. I am just about to share my personal experience when I was there.

Few weeks back before I am about to fly on EY450 bound from Abu Dhabi to Sydney. I place everything well, as organize as I can be. I was so organize that it is my first time ever to book myself a hotel and join a travelers club ( to enter a forums about travelling. Then my curiosity went beyond when I start googling . Oh well’ surprising to say, (Sydney) it was fun and an un-ending place to perceive. But then I only have 2-days to see, visit and explore Sydney. It was a very short period of time. So I struggle each moment of handling my schedule as it matter so much. I went to the Hop on-Hop off Bus services, (equivalent to The Big Bus of London) they gave a very practical service of touring you around all “a must see spot” in less than a day.  It’s worth it.

My first day in Sydney- oh yeah Sydney it is! From the airport we took the metro to Sydney central business district (CBD) it is the most practical way. As we also stay in Ibis hotel.  We found our hotel easily. Thanks god for these. People there are nice enough to show you the location when you ask. At least they are an English country (oh well, ask my Shanghai experience.) Then we reach to our hotel just on time. And we are starving, but this is not a problem. You can eat anywhere in Sydney whether you want a fine dining, fast food, standing or just walking in the park. People there never really care. You do what you want, the most comfortable you like. The only issue is- these place is a darn expensive. AUD 3.90 for a can of Pepsi, seriously? And yes, accept it or not everything has a goods and service tax (GST)- a plus point when you leave in UAE. So when you travel to Australia know how you spend your money wisely. And then we moved on to The Opera House. It was indeed stunning. But not stunning enough to cater what I expect. My apology for these. But what I notice is that the building needs to have a refurbishment. And oh yes the ceiling might need a paint. I become more astound when I saw The Harbour Bridge. It is really huge- like a mammoth. The Sheik Zayed Bridge in Abu Dhabi is no way nearer than that of in Sydney. It gives you the wow factor when you see it in person (as I expect in The Opera.) Sadly we failed to climb on the top of it. Which it’s a must to do when you plan to visit.


Harbour Bridge


Then we end our first day in The Bondi Beach. Haysss, body here, body there, body everywhere “The Bondi Beach.” You can spend the entire day just seating in a bench and watch those gorgeous people jogging around half naked like in the movie but for real. The houses in the cliff contemplate the scenery as you watch the sunset in the horizon. It was my best experienced to meet the night having with me is my best friend- just chatting.


Bondi Beach


Second day in Sydney- You shall not go to a Zoo when you’re a tourist/ not until you want to photograph a mammal. Oh yeah, it is educational for youngster I believe. Was it fun? In Sydney it is hot like your being toast. So have those SPF 50+ lotion (only in Australia) ready. And going to a Taronga Zoo (AUD52) in March is like searching for fresh water in the middle of a dessert. You will completely sweat your heart out. But it’s a wonderful experience though. Depending on the taste of your visit. And the view from Taronga Island is spectacular to captivate those moment while you’re viewing the Sydney Sky scrapers’ standing tall in a piece of land like a mushroom. It is a whole day tour as well. So be pretty sure if you really want to spend the rest of the day there. As I say, it depends on how the way you see and explore the place.

So pretty much that’s it. I enjoyed Sydney as much as I do. It was a fun and exciting experience where I can really recommend. Prepare for a long haul flight though. And then we hop our way down to Melbourne. Which will be on my next topic. Thanks 🙂


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My Seoul, my soul!

August 6, 2011 Leave a comment

A new series of life exploration once again soon to be added on my bucket list. A travel experience to see,hear and explore the beauty of Seoul, South Korea. On 21-22 this month. Adrian (my travel buddy) and I are planning to visit this cool city. After months of delays and our visa is about to expire. Finally we got the confirmed dates of travel.

This is my first time to travel Korea. And he*l no way I knew a single details about this place. So I start from googling as I say. Came up with a travel plan, my first time ever to create one. As I normally travel un planned. Set up some budget and getting to know about the city’s culture and way of living. Apparently although Seoul is expensive, the good thing about working in UAE is that the currency is quite competitive in which, adjustment to some expences to other countries will not get us hurt that much.

Getting back to my travel planning. I downloaded a new app from “apple app store” for iPad.A travel organizer. And I find it so cool and easy to start up a plan trip of travels. It is such a gesture to plann everything on this app. From hotel booking, time management, websites list,check list and even maps. Right at your page.


So after listing all the necessary do’s and dont’s of my plan travel to Korea. I am now ready to be there.Time will tell, and experience will yell, a picture will say about my journey to these place.

This for now at the moment. Guided tots and detailed exploration will be post on stream when I arrived there.

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