Right DSLR for right people

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Thinking of buying a DSLR is not easy. A lot of options are now in the market. A lot of brands that competes with one another. And mostly DSLR are no way to find cheap if you’re planning to be a serious photo hobbyist. Although many are in the options of getting in a low-priced, but the general spec of what you really want is lacking from one another.

Currently I own a Nikkon D300 with an 18-200 & 50 mm lenses. I purchased it last 2008 and I find it hard to start, since I have no idea on how to begin and what to look for. What I just remember is the first time I saw this peace of device, hand held it with my own hands and a few click and shoot. I fell in love with its body that made me realize of buying one. It takes a lot of reading and practice to familiarize all the buttons that it has. And taking a picture in general is so easy to do, but achieving the right captions of your imaginations only lasted for a very rare opportunity. As my photographers’ teacher says. “A perfect photo just came with luck” no matter how professional you are and how expensive your camera is, you will only get 2 to 5 perfect photos in a year which really make you please.

Right DSLR for the right people I may say, but in reality there is no right or wrong of having this peace of device. For as long as you have the passion of taking photos. Most of the professional photographers really do have D’ most advance camera since this is the way they used to be.

 “A pro must have this peace of high end device to extend further their ability and release all the boundaries’ of taking their most precious photo.”

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Project 365

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It’s been sometime since the last time I post and updated my blog. Busy from work, vacation in the Philippines and some extra curricular activities made my life very hectic. Now a days, I am focusing into something which trigger my sence of opening my passion into a day-to-day responsibility. I am planning to make a 365 days project. Which means that day by day on a 365 calendar days I must have one, yes one photo that I should upload here in my blog. Edited or not it should be uploaded. On this way I believe I can see the difference of my progress in line of photography. Excited yet worry is how I feel. Simple to think but hard to do. From Monday to Sunday I have to think, create,work,look and shoot an image in all side of life. Object or subject, indoor or outdoor it doesn’t matter for as long as I must have a picture to take.  Although I don’t have my camera yet, I believe a photo can be taken on all sort of way, for as long as there is a light and an instrument which can capture moments. 22July2011 My 365 Project begins.

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Departing from Kuala Lumpur Local Cost Terminal Airport (KLILC) no hotel booking again it is suggested to take a train. Since this is the fastest and cheap way of transportation from the airport to the city. When taking a train from Singapore I also recommend on buying an E-Z Link card. A card which you are going to use whenever time you travel by bus or train. For a cost of 15-Singapore Dollar (SGD) you will have a secure 10 trips for your journey, and by topping it up for a minimum of 10 SGD consumable you don’t need to buy a new E-Z Link card.

From Changi Aiport train station stop to Tana Merah transit to “Platform-B” stop again to City Hall station. From the City Hall station you can walk for ten minutes to WaterLoo Hotel where I checked in, or better yet take a cab which only cost you for about 5-9SGD recommended for beginners. The same as the way of transiting in KL train station in Singapore it is quite confusing since their stations has a multiple platform. So be very careful and knowledgeable whenever time you transport using the train.

WaterLoo Hotel for 70 SGD per night for their standard room with a free breakfast and a Wifi. It is located at WaterLoo street, Catholic Center Bldg. 04th floor for the reception area, Singapore 187954. Which I stayed at room 055. You can contact them at their telephone no:633-66-555 and fax no:633-62-160 or e-mail at waterhtl@singnet.com.sg .

Suggested restaurant near our hotel is the Kopitiam Resto, it’s a place where a group of restaurants in one area. And my personal choice of resto in Kopitiam is The Master Duck restaurant, where I can suggest their mouth-watering smoke pekking duck with sweet chili sauce and steam rice for 5.50SGD and their roasted pork  for 4.50SGD. And if you still not get rid of your meal you can take a snack at Bao Luo Wan Xiang for their best Siomai and their personal menu of Chee Cheong Fun with prawn filling and char siew filling.

After  tiring flight from KLILC Airport to searching for a cheap hotel on my 1st day. My 2nd day in Singapore become very busy. Since this is the day I explore the Lions city. From WaterLoo hotel my destination  is to  Marina Promenade or known as Marina Bay. Marina Bay is where the center of  Singapore high rising tower view, and the popular MerLions park. It is surrounded by water from the sea they made a creek to connect to the Clarke Quay the famous place for bar hoppers to the heart of the city. Getting to Marina Bay from my hotel is very easy, as you can both ride a cab or walk for about 20 minutes. Singapore Marina Bay is like the Roxas boulevard in Manila. It was full of restaurants and coffeehouse. The Singapore Flyer is also located in this area, just like the London Eye this city aswell has their own version. A giant ferris wheels for a great observatory area for their cities sky scrapers,but unlike ferris wheels with their cramped carriages which hang in open air, Singapore Flyer and other giant observation wheels such as the London Eye feature fixed capsules. Also, each Singapore Flyer capsule is about the size of a bus and can carry up to 28 people. Passengers are able to walk around and enjoy the views outside without feeling any movement or vibration at all. From the cities heart Marina Bay I went to Marina Barrage

My stay in Singapore only reaches for five days and three nights. On this trip my objective is to roam around the city and explore all the tourist destination of Singapore. The different of all my travels compare to this trip is that, it is my first time to travel alone and there is no package tour done by my hotel as we always do, to consume our time the best way as possible.

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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2x

March 13, 2010 2 comments

It’s been a year since the last time I went to Malaysia. Tho I never thought that I’ll be able to go back on this wonderful city.Not in a plan again, I went there to explore this city.04 March 2010, my 2nd trip to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.The moment I arrive, with no hotel booking same as usual and no fear I conquer the city with a less knowledge of the place.From the Kuala Lumpur International Airport KLIA I went directly to its train station that leads from the airport to the city.Like the old-time usually we inquire regarding the hotel in the airport and get a cheap rate,rather than booking it online.However this does not happen.I have no idea where to go the moment I enter the train.With a KL map on my hand I tried my best to understand and think which is the best place to start to find a cheap hotel.Until I decided to stop on KL Sentral (35 Malaysian Ringgit-MYR) where most of the passenger from the airport stop.Straight ahead to the Information area to inquire about a cheap hotel on the said place.From KL Sentral I took a subway to Pasar Seni Station(1.60MYR)only one stop from KL Sentral.Pasar Seni station is a place where the KL China Town located.Most of the tourist visit this place to shop for a big discounts souvenier.And so I start my search for the cheapest hotel.Right down the station I easily find a hotels in the area.From one to another I search.Trying to find the cheapest one with the best offer I can get.The usual list on trying to locate a good hotel are WiFi,safety,security,clean and quality customer service packed into one without compromising my budget. Until I found this hotel called Mandarin Pacific Hotel which they offer a free WiFi and a buffet breakfast and the rest of the qualities I look for a hotel. For 123MYR per night for a standard bedroom its a fair enough to spend my two days stay in Malaysia.

Not only this hotel is cheap it is also located in the city’s tourist destination spot,located on 2-8 Jalan Sultan,5000 Kuala Lumpur.You can contact them on their hotline number 603-2070-3000 fax no.603-2070-4363 and e-mail add:mandpac@tm.net.my which I stayed on room no.8002.From the hotel the second thing which I tot on my mind is how to get to the Petronas Twin Tower which is the most important to know since this is the high light of my travel.So after un packing my things from the hotel I went straight ahead to explore the place.This is my first day in KL and I only have a limited time to explore.From  Pasar Seni station “Platform-1”  where my hotel is located you can take the train to KLCC station (1.60MYR)  where the Twin Tower is located.Vice versa is on the way back.But be aware on the platform before getting on the train if you don’t want to get lost.From KLCC to Pasar Seni station use the “Platform-2″and the last trip of the train is 2320.

About the food, KL has their on own taste when it comes to apetite.Asian food is easy to endure since I am one of it.However my sense os taste is very meticulous on the food I eat. so I recommend this restaurant located just in front of my hotel. West Lake resto, where I can suggest their fried baby squid best with vinegar and fish sauce and their fried beef with ginger and spring onion and their Malaysian steamed rice.

My 2nd day to KL is the day I check out from my hotel.Aside from the world standard of checking out, the different of Mandarin Pacific hotel is that they give two hours allowance from 1200-1400 free of charge. My stay in KL is just a transit stay since my original journey is to Singapore.So for this two days I just compile a small information about travelling in Malaysia in the cheapest and basic information about the hotels and transportation. Since I already manage to explore the city the 1st time I went here.

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Boracay Island

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Boracay Island

Located in the Philippines in the visayan region this Boracay beach is silently amazing. Where tourist from all over the world are visiting to experience the amazing wonder of nature.




Sand Castle made to attract tourist for taking pictures. Donations apply. Name engrave can be requested.





Souvenir shops are on all corners of the resort. And also a wide range of bars and restaurant to choose from are located on the island.



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My Discount Book

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From Beverage to Food, Cinemas to Clothing. This Discount book really give me the power to do things in the most chip pest way.

Available on all Virgin Mega Store throuh out Abu Dhabi. And for free on all Etihad Employee. So grab your copy now.

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Smoking Kills

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Taken inside my room. With zero visibility of light and a proper set up of  shutter and aperture.

 Smoking kills!!! But still I can’t manage to stop this.

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