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Amazing little boy.

As I was browsing my Facebook page, I became curious about the post of one of my friend. An image of a little boy holding a guitar on a YouTube thumbnail. I open the video and it amazes me so much about the talent that he has.  A little boy playing a guitar “Just the way you are-by Bruno Mars” his name is Sungha Jung (born in 2 September 1996) fromSouth Korea. His so humbly playing this peace of instrumental music as he does without any notes or copy.

As of 2011, Sungha Jung makes a 222 million YouTube viewer hits and 335,000 subscribers through out the world from his channel. Sungha typically takes three days to learn and practice a new piece, and video-record it for upload onto YouTube. His genre selection is rather broad, as he learns and plays many pieces that are playable on guitar, therefore consequently spread across numerous genres.

Sungha has won 13 awards on YouTube, including 6 “#1” awards. Also on YouTube, Sungha has 38 videos with over one million views. Sungha’s video with the most views is the shows him playing the theme from “Pirates of theCaribbean”, at 19,344,852 views as of 05 July 2011.

Sungha has composed 18 pieces as of February 2011, two of which are featured in his debut album, “Perfect Blue”.

In 2011, he performed in the USwith Trace Bundy, as well as touring in Scandinavia and Japan.

Just like Justin B. and Charice, Sungha Jung started becoming famous when his father uploaded one of his video on YouTube.


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