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Right DSLR for right people

Thinking of buying a DSLR is not easy. A lot of options are now in the market. A lot of brands that competes with one another. And mostly DSLR are no way to find cheap if you’re planning to be a serious photo hobbyist. Although many are in the options of getting in a low-priced, but the general spec of what you really want is lacking from one another.

Currently I own a Nikkon D300 with an 18-200 & 50 mm lenses. I purchased it last 2008 and I find it hard to start, since I have no idea on how to begin and what to look for. What I just remember is the first time I saw this peace of device, hand held it with my own hands and a few click and shoot. I fell in love with its body that made me realize of buying one. It takes a lot of reading and practice to familiarize all the buttons that it has. And taking a picture in general is so easy to do, but achieving the right captions of your imaginations only lasted for a very rare opportunity. As my photographers’ teacher says. “A perfect photo just came with luck” no matter how professional you are and how expensive your camera is, you will only get 2 to 5 perfect photos in a year which really make you please.

Right DSLR for the right people I may say, but in reality there is no right or wrong of having this peace of device. For as long as you have the passion of taking photos. Most of the professional photographers really do have D’ most advance camera since this is the way they used to be.

 “A pro must have this peace of high end device to extend further their ability and release all the boundaries’ of taking their most precious photo.”

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