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Whela’s Birthday

Second week. My leave start. And so as Domelyn and Whela my best buddies. Unfortunately the plan to travel in Brazil has been cancelled. Domelyn was sick, so she couldn’t travel with us.  And also my budget issues was on my priority so I decided not to come as well. Whela was very upset, disappointed of our decision. Its hard because we planned this travel since last December and now its not gonna happen. And the saddest part  is.  its Whela’s  birth day that is why we planned this to celebrate with her out of town.

   16March2009. Its my best friend  Whela’s birthday. I woke up at 1345. I never forget this special day for my best, but I decided not to greet her until I meet her in person. I’m planning to make a surprise visit to her place with Domelyn, bringing her a birthday cake and our present. But once again we are late. Domelyn was late and so do I. We went  to iKea to buy something for Whela.  A lot of stuff was on our mind earlier I was thinking that a birth day cake will do. But I want something that never melt, something that she can keep with her for the rest of time. And as I saw this wonderful clock stand. Its so nice that Whela will appreciate. Domelyn also found this lampshade that suit the color of the clock that I choose. So this is it we found a gift that our best friend Whela will surely like it. Actually Whela has already everything she has. All of the things the job and the assets so I guess this simple lampshade and a clock is just a spice of what she has. We look around the shop as the place was so nice its all about furniture house décor etc. Then I found this exotic  crocodile stuff toy. And I really like it. Dom also agree on me that maybe this the one we are looking for as a gift for our best friend. It’s so huggable, soft  and the best part is its so weird. The look was so cute and weird, its funny though. So the  stand clock was replace by a stuff toy. Dom was also not comfortable of giving a lampshade as she think the color doesn’t suit for the bedroom of Whela. And as we where looking we found this huge bed bug surot stuff toy. Its so funny because one day when we slept to Whela’s place this bed bug keeps us awake all true the night. And that time we never forget this parasite.  So Dom suggested that this will the perfect gift for her. Once again the lampshade was replace by a huge bed bug stuff toy.  After a long hour of  choosing which gift we are going to purchase finally we found the perfect one. Then we rush to the birthday place. I’m so excited because once again the group was about to complete for a very long time. Since our work schedule was change. As usual me the concert king and Dom was my queen. It’s my first time then to drink a tequila. I used to drink beer but not a high grade alcoholic beverage. Its was so amazing that you can even feel the liquid going down to your throat passing by to your esophagus. Then here comes Cristina that crack all the silence of the place. Its was a very happy night. Perfect I should say. Whela the birthday girl really enjoy the night as I see from her face. I’m glad that she really are. As this is my wish for her to be happy  more than anyone else. The only thing that bugs us all is Domelyn. Its weird that she was so quite that time. Enjoying of being alone reading those pocket books. But I understand her anyhow. She was sick so understandable. And so the day was finish with the joy in our faces.

Sented Cndle Light Lamp Shade

A side from bed bug and crocodile stuff toy I also bought this Sented Candle light lamp (optional color white,silver and black) for my bed room. For just a $2.00 all from iKea located in Abu Dhabi Marina Mall. iKea was also well commercialised all around the UAE.

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