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Kuala Lumpur Expedition

Petronas Tower After a long night of celebrating my best friend birthday, I woke up at 1145 17March2009. Still until now I am not sure if I will pursue to take advantage of my ten days leave and travel. I have this confused thing in my mind, will I travel or not. If I will, I have to spend money,again which is not on my budget this month. But  I will be able to explore the world once again. Things that I can do while I am young and enjoy while I have the strength. And this other side of my brain was telling me if I don’t I will be able to fallow the plans that I made, for me to cut out this financial crisis that I’ve been true currently. Until  1345 Whela texted me that she booked my ticket already to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. With out any plans or preparation she advice me that still I am young. I have to enjoy life because this opportunity may be just right now and possible in the future but no assurance. I always have this on my mind that I must not get hypnotize or rather jealous of my colleagues where they travel twice a month. Because I am different from them. They just enjoying life because they are in the right age or no one not supporting anyone in the Philippines. Yet from all of this dilemma in my mind.Still it happen. I did fallow my best friend advice. Kuala Lumpur here I am.

    1600hours I went to Whela’s place getting prepared for the things I have to bring. Laptop and my D300. But here comes the problem again. Its been months since the last time I turned on my camera once again. I forgot the settings and some stuff on how to operate  this one hell of a gadget. And the other side of this, carrying my laptop is quite too heavy for me. So I decided to barrow Whela’s McBook air for my convenience. After installing software for my captured picture on Whela’s mc. I rush back at home. Not realising  that I still haven’t pack my cloths yet. And the suitcase that I am about to  put on my cloths was on Dubai since ate Devine brought that with her when she move out from here. So it bugs me once again where to put on to my things. So my best friend Whela took on the rescue ,she allow me to put my cloths to her bag since I don’t have much cloths to bring. Lucky for me.

    17March2009 departure time from Abu Dhabi 0245. Yes I manage to be on the airport at right time. Me Whela and her boyfriend Glen was on this trip. I become so excited of what going to happen. Its my second travel to Asia except from Philippines (many times) that I was not prepared. No itinerary on what we are going to do , no hotel booking. Not even knowing on how we get to the city. 1400hours same date we arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport KULI. Adrenaline rush was on me. Happy with the feeling of stomach ache. Its good to know that my smart best friend Whela surf some hotel in the internet so we manage to know which hotel we are going stay. The Hotel Corus.

 The Hotel Corus KUL

For travelers  trippers finding the right hotel is very important. Because from this you will have the presence of mind and knowledge where you are about to lay down when you get tired. And also picking the  right hotels when you travel is also the  smart thing to do. Look to a hotel that suits your budget but  not compromising  the reason of your travel. For us even though we did not made the booking earlier still we pick the hotel  which is near to the place of the city famous sky scraper the Petronas Tower.  Because this is one of the main reason why we chose Kuala. To see and experience of being in the place that one of the worlds most famous trade mark. A side from fronting the Petronas Tower its in the middle of the city where everything you need from restaurants, shopping malls, night bars and tourist  spots. Corus Hotel is a four start hotel. A well trained people with the best in customer  service.China Town KUL

      After thirty  minutes of rest from the hotel we went directly to the famous shopping place in Kuala Lumpur (The China Town) nothing in plan but it seems like we used to travel a lot and this made us to do thing easier. So the first plan was to shop. China Town was ten minutes taxi ride from our hotel. Yet for travelers if you want to explore the place  more as you like take on the other alternative where you will learn how the culture leave their life. In the means of transportation in Kuala Lumpur they have three types  buses, taxis, trains. We took the train on our way to the China Town. But be very careful  because in Kuala Lumpur pick pocketers is not new  in the rich city. Specially in a very crowded places. Sadly to say the train station in Kuala Lumpur need more improvement. We queue for thirty minutes just to get inside the train. And the crowd was worst than you ever think. Over loaded bus in two times than you expect is what you will experience when you get inside the train. And  its definitely  not a good suggestion when you  are in a hurry. But it’s a best experience when you want to explore the city. We reach China Town when the dark is about to come 2000 hours. In Kuala Lumpur day time is very long.  Don’t be shock if you can still see the glance of the sun at this time. Kuala Lumpur China Town as what we expect  everything you need is here. From clothing, accessories, bags, house chores. And the best is, everything  was very cheap. It is really the place for a travelers who  love to shop in a tight budget like us. And also for my tip when buying in Kuala Lumpur China Town ask discount  before you pick the precious heroes face paper from your wallet. Because everything from here, prices can be adjacent decrease from the price they impose to reveal.  But also if your looking for a registered brand Kuala Lumpur china Town is a no. Because all the famous brands you can see in here  is just an imitation from the original. Although the quality is not to be the expectation but the outlook of the Loui Vuiton Bag  can give people the trick of an original product. And also once you get there try to eat in the famous Kuala Lumpur China  Town Restaurants, when dark  has come you will be amaze the glittering tables in the middle of the road full of Malaysian dishes. With an appetizer of a table to table private bands.China Town Band KUL

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