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A new month again has come. New challenges to face. This month I don’t know what will happen just like the previous days that past. But this month I guess it will be different. First I have my planned on leave which will be effective on 16 to 25. Me Domelyn and Whela planned to travel to Brazil. I’m quite excited yet at the start I’m not sure if I will come to them. Tight budget must be implemented this time. I’ve been on so many money issues.  Although I’m aware of what the product of this, I still ignore the fact and go on into my un practicality life. I have the most dream job but still there are times that I don’t feel that this is the right one for me. Maybe this is not my dream just like the rest of other people.

  Buhay Marso been three days has past, I still don’t have a roommate. On the 4th day I decided to post my number on the net so people who is looking  for a roommate will be able to read my post (OLxy.com). I also printed some name boards to post on the city Filipino Tambayan. As much as possible I’m looking for  a descent Filipino male roommate to share with me. I went to Abu Dhabi mall to kill my time while the sun is out in the area, just to cool down a little bit. After  four hours of web surfing and cooling down  people start to calling my number. Asking about the room availability that I post.  I’m so impressed of the outcome. I realize its not that hard to find a roommate after all. But there is still a problem. It seem like people are so interested yet their budget doesn’t fit on my requirements. Although I was thinking to pay the rest of the bill so people will grab my offer but I realize this is not fare. So after all the people keep on calling me I rejected most of them. Until some one called me asking and curious about the post. He’s name  was Pax. So right after we chatted through the phone we decided to meet in Mark and Spencer a place near to my apartment. Well it’s a very positive thing that it seems like this person I met is the one  I am looking for. A clean bachelor individual. So we went to my place and he checked. Gladly he liked it. I’m quite worry because  although he seems liket he place but still he is awaiting for the confirmation of he’s partner. Well they chatted through video call and they both like it.Yehey… as the week ends I was able to found a new roommate. Worries of paying my bills run out of my mind. They start moving out on the next day. I offer my help to them making them very welcome to their new  home. And the best part of it we have this  common attitude of making interiors on place. So this week a new problem has been solved again.

   And also my life style start to change again more on homebody thing. Being addicted to  Greys Anatomy series.

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